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Our 360ed

360ed is an EdTech social enterprise that is committed to revamping the education process by leveraging advances of AR and other emerging technologies to create a more fun and interactive learning experience for learners. We believe that the use of gamified applications and learning tools for young learners will greatly impact their learning experience and provide a more accessible and easy-to-understand way of learning. This will not only provide a more enjoyable experience but also a more interactive and engaging one as well.


Why Now?

We believe quality education is essential to the prosperity of peaceful democratic societies. Current

antiquated educational systems cannot prepare the younger generations for the world’s upcoming

challenges. Historically, successful education reforms have shown teachers’ professional development

to be the key lever for improving outcomes. However, experiential learning and one-on-one mentoring

with expert teachers are practically exorbitant luxuries in developing countries like Myanmar, just as

they are in many inner city schools in the USA. Virtual reality is now at the cusp of affordably enabling

any teacher to be “teleported” to the best classrooms anywhere in the world.



Leverage digital technologies to transform the

Education Reform process: Virtual Reality (VR),

Augmented Reality (AR), mobile technologies and

other innovative technologies.

Provide interactive and dynamic learning solutions

which are applicable to Myanmar and beyond.

Narrow the gap of access to quality education

between urban and rural areas.

Educate teachers to teach 21st century skills and

knowledge to their students so that children

anywhere in the world can receive a world class

education from world class teachers.

Advisory Board

 Emily Cole

Founder and builder of new industries and movements for good. Darlene is a Principal Faculty for Global Grand Challenges at Singularity University, served for ten years with Ashoka, the world’s largest organization for social entrepreneurs, and co-founded two aerospace tech start-ups for good.

Gary Bolles

Chair for the Future of Work at Singularity University; Co-founder, eParachute.com; Partner, Charrette; Speaker & Writer

David Hytha

Founder and partner of leading edge mobile, cloud services and big data products around the world. David is the first impact investor who provided a small fund for kick start the 360ed project.

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