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Episode 34 | Interactive XR Learning Aids in Myanmar and Beyond

Updated: May 12, 2022

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Ms. Hla Hla Win, CEO, an educator, is a serial entrepreneur, and received her master’s degree from the Kennedy School at Harvard University, her undergraduate degree in K-12 education from William Penn University and a leadership diploma from East West Center at Hawaii University. She was selected and funded by Google’s Innovation grant for the prestigious Singularity University program, based in Silicon Valley for the program for entrepreneurs to address big problems where they can impact a billion users. She had been an elementary school teacher, trainer, school founder, and worked on the Bard College Myanmar program. She advises both private secondary schools and the Myanmar government on educational innovation. She is a daughter of a teacher and a mother of a 6-year-old digital native.

Episode Description

360ed addresses the dramatic shortage of teachers, texts and interactive learning aids – made urgent by the worldwide COVID pandemic – with a compelling set of affordable, innovative, interactive educational tools to engage and enable learning for a new generation of students who are – for the most part – digital natives. 360ed’s learning solutions are designed by and for teachers and students – for classroom, lab and self-study and they provide proven rapid student engagement, retention, confidence and fun in learning.

360ed’s AR kits feature:

  • concise courses on the principles, basics and methodology of key disciplines, including English Language learning (ESL), STEM and other specific skill sets such as music and body literacy, etc.

  • using engaging, interactive, — almost magical – augmented reality, with multimedia features, including video, audio, 2D, 3D, and elements of virtual reality, and

  • hosted on basic smartphones and tablets. The courses are also often paired with traditional books, flashcards, and lab kits.

360ed also works with virtual reality, makerspaces, and other emerging technologies powerful for learning.

According to the National Education Strategic Plan (2016-2021) Myanmar ministry of education (MoE) is carrying out a K-12 curriculum reform process. In 2017 September an education service company – 360ed signed a MoU with Myanmar MoE to accelerate Myanmar education reform process by digitizing the updated English language curriculum as a pilot. Thanks to the agreement starting this year four millions of Myanmar students (Grade 1, 2, 3, and 6) have free access to Augmented Reality mobile learning platform app. Ministry provided free textbooks with printed QR codes to download the free app with instructions on how to use it.

Objectives are as follows:

1) English language pronunciation to be standardized throughout the country

2) To utilize AR learning app as teaching aids in both formal and non-formal education in remote or internally displaced camps or those trapped in warzone where lacks electricity and internet access

3) To make digital learning aids accessible for home-based learning especially during Covid-19

4) Selective offline app to democratize access to learning English just by having a smartphone and textbook provided by government

During Covid, 360ed has launched a freemium learning app that hosts many apps including above-mentioned free English language apps and other premium learning apps. Currently 7 more apps (ESL and STEM) are in the development pipeline to be released at the end of 2020 and 1stQ of 2021.

The future plan is to expand subjects, grades and to other neighboring countries who can also benefit from our low-cost selective offline mobile learning platform. Currently as a pilot, a couple of thousands of students from the Philippines and India are also benefiting from both free apps and premium apps.

Ref: https://silverliningforlearning.org/episode-34-interactive-xr-learning-aids-in-myanmar-and-beyond/

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